Indian Creek

Indian Creek flows into the Trinity River just north of Douglas City. This is the perfect Class 4 creek. Full of super fun bed rock drops ranging from 3'-10'. A local old school boater once told me it was as far as you could push the Class 4 rating. To get to the put in take Readings Creek road off of HWY 3 just south of Douglas City. Follow this road about five miles to a Y in the road, take the left onto Indian Creek Rd. After about 3 miles you get to a bridge that crosses Indian Creek, this is the take out. From here keep following Indian Creek Rd to the next bridge that crosses the creek at Cannon Ball Flat. If flows look skimpy you might take out at the "We So Gellen" mining clam. Or find a lower (maybe illegal) take out near the valley.

This creek start of with a bang, literally, At lower flows you'll be banging you boat on MANKY, MANKY rocks. At higher flows you won't even notice the first few hundred yards. After this first bit things get better as you get into some fun bed rock.

A little further and you arrive at Redskin Bend. On a sharp right bend you'll go over three or four drops before the turn which has a one or two boat eddy. In the photo below you can see the last few drops. These drops range from 3'-5'.
It never really slows down as the creek moves you fast down stream over class 2-3 rapids. After a sharp right bend there is a small innocent looking drop. There is a rock dead center that can easily flip you. The key is to go far left if you have enough water or boof towards the right shore if it's on the low side. Below here is a junky sieve, that should be portaged at low flows. With enough water you can boof over a fan rock on the right.

Now the fun stuff comes. Shown below Scalpers is in my mind, the hardest rapid on the run.
After the first 5' drop you punch a funny hole that moves you to the right, which is just where you need to be for the final drop. It's not that hard, it just looks bad, and 50ft below is We So Gellen.
This is the Funniest drop a super clean 8fter. We So Gellen. A trail lead to this drop from the mining claim so it makes a good park and huck.

Below here is a few more good drops before the valley. One of these is a sweet fish ladder that could be dangerous. Once in the valley the creek flattens out and dries up into the old tailing piles. This makes the last bit to the bridge a real pain at lower flows.

This creek is very sensitive to flow and the wood is always moving around, though the creek look runable at flows over 200 there are almost no eddies and new wood could be a real problem.

A few photos at 300

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