Browns Creek Class 2-4 (P)

Browns Creek flows out of the Chanchelulla Wilderness Area just south of Indian Creek. The upper most run has only been done a handful of times. After walking down the creek this last deer season from Dear Lick Spring I just can't see it, it's BAD. From the 20 ton bridge to the the paved bridge is a fun 3-4 run with a few portages one, right off the bat might make it worth putting in about a half mile below the bridge. Below this things are fast paced fun over lots of bedrock. The down side is the wood. Like many of the creeks on this side of the river, wood and brush can be a real hazard. Mostly do to the lack of pools and long rapids around blind corners. I only remember a few of the rapids on this section. One was a series of 2-3 ft drops into a larger boulder choked drop that was sieved out on the left. Sorry no photos of this section yet.

The lower section from the Deer Lick Springs Rd Bridge to the HWY 3 bridge is only Class 2 with perhaps four Class 3 rapids. Brush and wood can be a problem. The rapids in this section are not hard, but the creek keeps its normal demeanor of no pools, few eddies, and lots of brush.

This creek goes when Indian Creek is between 200 and 800 cfs.