Canyon Creek

The Yosemite of the Trinity Alps, Canyon Creek is no doubt the most spectacular place in Northern California. If you only make one trip to the Alps this should be it. The only problem with this trail is the crowds. On a busy weekend as many as 500 people will make there way up this 10 mile dead end trail.
The first few miles are very easy with very little gain through a low elevation forest. After Cross Canyon Falls the trail starts to quickly gain elevation along the canyon wall.
Cross Canyon Falls

Soon you will find yourself atop Lower Canyon Creek Falls where there's a great swimming hole. There are a few exposed camp-sites upon the rock. Though in summer these are a last resort, in the winter and early spring the rocks warm with great southern exposure usually melting off a tent pad or two.
Upper Part of Lower Canyon Creek Falls

For the next two miles you'll follow the creek through beautiful old growth forest and lush meadows surrounded by towering granite peaks.
Some of the best camping to be found along the Canyon Creek Trail.

Middle Canyon Creek Falls
After you've walked through the meadows you'll hear the roar of this massive cascade. Through the trees you can just barely see the falls. There is a small spur trail leading to the base of this awesome waterfall.

After the switch backs leading up past the falls you come to the Bolder Creek trail junction. The Bolder Creek Lakes scramble is very steep and is a little hands on. It's a good day hike and has warm water... in the summer.
The area around the trail junction has the last good camping and the last place where campfires are allowed. Above this campsites are very exposed and in plain sight of other hikers. Please be respectful of others and don't camp at the lakes. Tents seem to stick out dramatically along the barren rocky shores of Canyon Creek and Bolder Creek Lakes.

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