Coffee Creek

Coffee Creek drains most of the NW side of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Sadly though, the main fork is not in the wilderness area. In part due to the early mining activity the creek is bordered almost entirely by private property. This does however, give you the ability to reach many lakes in just one day. Stoddard and Boulder Lakes are the most popular of these. With many other lakes, that are great to hide at.
Beautiful places that are almost never visited lie hidden in the Forks of the Coffee Creek watershed. Some of the best loops can be done
from Big Flat Campground at the end of the road. It's amazing when you drive over a pass of sorts that goes from the upper Coffee Creek Meadows to the South Fork of the Salmon River in less than a half mile. It almost seems like Coffee Creek just got bigger. The best way to see Coffee Creek is via Kayak. Check out Wes's video of the fun

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