Stone Wall Pass

Stone Wall Pass is a steep gnarly trail that offers a good chance for solitude. There are a few nice camp sites at Red Mountain Meadows.

From Red Mountain Meadows the trail continues to switch back its way up to the pass now less than a mile a way.
From Stone Wall Pass you can see deep into Stuarts Fork.
I'll never forget the time I hiked from Stone Wall Pass to Caribou Lake. There I was staring at the switch backs on the Sawtooth Scramble miles away knowing that in a few days I'd be hiking up all those?
Van Meater Meadows also has some good camp sites and offers great solitude.
After climbing almost to the top of Little Stone Wall Pass you will come to the Echo Lake trail junction. The first lake you come to is not Echo. This is Little Echo a small pond ware you will likely see a biologist or two studying the rare frogs that call these lakes home.
Echo Lake is very impressive. This red rock amphitheater is cut out of the side of Middle Peak and really does make some great echos.
Echo Lake is known for its stunning sunsets.
The top of Little Stone Wall Pass is just a few switch backs up the trail from the Echo Lake trail junction.
From here Siligo Meadows is just down the hill.
Siligo Meadows makes a good base camp for the Four Lakes Loop.

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