Bear Lakes

Bear Lake is one of the grandest lakes in the Trinity Alps. From the trail head you will gain 3,000 feet on your five mile climb to the lake. This makes it best done as a day hike. In the first mile there is good creek access making for nice side hikes.

After one mile you'll cross a foot bridge and start climbing above the creek through an old forest fire.
When you come back to the forest you be amazed by what was left behind. In my opinion this is the most beautiful forest in the Trinity Alps.
It's in here that you find the best camping along Bear Creek.
Above the main forest camp site Bear Creek falls over many of these bedrock drops.
The last part of the hike to Bear Lake goes up a brushy hill side covered with springs and wild flowers.
Bear Lake is one of my favorite winter hikes.
In summer Bear Lakes two camp sites are usually taken but in the winter that's not the case.

From just below the lake you can go off trail contouring up and around to Wee Bear Lake.
Wee Bear is very small but has incredible views and makes a great day hike from Bear Lake.
Just around the corner from Wee Bear Lake is Little Bear Lake. Little Bear has a few good camp sites and is actually a fairly good sized lake.
From here you can go back the way you came or go over the ridge to end up on the back side of Bear Lake.

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