Long Canyon Trail

Long Canyon is a true gem that is seldom visited. This is the hike that turned me into a backpacker. The trail is one of the steepest in the Trinity Alps but also one of the most beautiful. You start on an old dirt road walking through old clear cuts that have started to grow over with young fir and cedar trees. As soon as you cross the wilderness boundary you will immediately notice the change in the forest not only are you now surrounded by ancient old growth but the forest floor is covered in lush greenery. You will cross a few small creeks and before you know it you'll come to the Bowerman Meadows trail junction.

Bowerman Meadows is a good day hike and one of the only good winter trips in the Trinity Alps. The trail follows the old cattle drives straight up the meadows to a dead end. This upper meadow is the a good base camp for some very difficult off trail lakes.
If you stay on Long Canyon you will walk through a unique forest that changes as you continue you climb up the trail.
When you get to the meadows you will start to notice the Jeffery pines growing high on the cliffs above. These trees are my favorite. They are short and stocky with large twisted branches. The easiest way to spot them is to look for a tree where nothing else would grow, on the edge of a cliff or poking up from the top of a mountain. After a steep climb through the meadows you'll reach a creek crossing. In the spring or early summer this could be covered in snow, DON'T CROSS IT! Instead go around to the right and make your way carefully up the brushy lose steep hill. When you get up the first hill you'll see Bee Tree Gap. It's farther than it looks so take you time.
Over the pass is Siligo Meadows. There are some good campsites in the Middle and Lower meadows. This is a good base camp for the Four Lakes Loop.

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