The True Green Trinitys

The rare gem of the Alps may be the low elevation forest that lies on the other side of your wilderness map. The east side may have the prestige, but with that admiration come the crowds. On the west side of the Trinity Alps is the largest forest area in a wilderness in California, with few visitors.

You can almost be guaranteed solitude thanks to the unmaintained trails. But be aware, this is not your typical wilderness. This is the real wilderness, a place where man may visit, but does not stay. It is very easy to go a full week in the New River watershed with out seeing a single soul. The trails are hard to follow and in some cases gone all together. The trail crew was once brushing one of these trails when they realized they has gotten off the trail about a mile back! A compass and a good topographical map are a must. Water can be hard to find in the summer and creeks can be impassable in the spring. The mountains in the area consist of massive trees, dense brush, poison oak, and steep loose rock. But it is here you can feel truly alone.