East Weaver and Rush Creek Lakes

East Weaver Lake is an easy one mile day hike from the top of Weaver Bally.
You can add a few miles and some nice creek side scenery by taking the trail from East Weaver Campground. This trail is unmarked but just keep following the creek to avoid ending up on Bally road.
Upper Rush Creek Lake is a true gem. It's not easy to get to, the trail is so dry, steep, and brushy that it is actually easier to go off trail from East Weaver Lake. About a half mile below East Weaver Lake you'll hopefully see a trail junction. Follow the Bear Gulch Scramble to the top of the ridge that separates Weaver Bally and Monument Peak. From here follow the ridge along the old fire break to the pass just below Monument Peak. This makes a great side hike in itself. From the pass the decent down into Rush Creek Lakes is very steep and loose.
Middle Rush Creek Lake is also worth scrambling down to if you have time.
Rush Creek itself is very beautiful and for some reason there is no trail along the creek. The trail to the lake goes up a hot dry ridge for eight miles through dense brush, then dead ends at a small pond below the lakes.

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