Swift Creek Trail

Swift Creek is the prime destination in the Trinity Alps. The trail follows the creek most the way through an old growth forest with some of the largest sugar pines I've ever seen. After less than a mile you'll be treated to the Swift Creek Gorge.

After this you'll pass the Granite Creek Trail junction and continue to follow Swift Creek past small meadows and streams. About five miles into the hike you'll have to cross Parker Creek. This can be very dangerous in the spring.

Shortly after this you'll come to the Bear Basin trail junction. There are some great camp sites in the upper and lower meadows.

Next along the Swift Creek Trail is Parker Meadows.
Camp sites are very plentiful for the next four miles or so through Parker and Momford Meadows.
These make great base camps to day hike the lakes and passes of the swift creek watershed. First on your list should be Landers Lake.
On the hike up you see some of the most unusual streams and ponds I've ever seen. Pitcher Plants grow here better than any other place I've found. After a long steep three miles you get to Landers Lake. Please take care not to disturb the many rare plants and wild flowers that call this special place home. Ward and Horseshoe Lakes are also very popular day hikes from Parker or Momford Meadows.
The trail continues to follow Swift Creek passing many more meadows and springs. Around the third mile you start to climb your way up the scramble. The scramble is not technical but it is very steep and exposed on rock. After a few false summits you come to yet another trail junction. In mid spring this is one of the greatest flower displays the in the Trinity Alps.

A few hundred yards up the hill gets you to Horseshoe Lake. While Ward is still a half mile off.

I love the trail system through the Swift Creek watershed. There are many 3-8 day loops you can do with just one car.

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