Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek offers a super fun yet, tragically short Class 4 run with lots of bedrock and fun gorges. To get to the take out go up Canyon Creek Road out of Juction City for about a mile or two. Turn down Power House Road and park at the bridge. The gauge is on the bridge pillar- 1ft is low but okish if you don't like your boat, 2 feet is perfect, and at 3ft it starts to get a Class 5 feel. To get to the put in continue up Canyon Creek Road for about three miles. After the road leaves the creek you'll go up over a hill. At the bottom of the hill there is an open field and a dirt road leading down to the creek. To lengthen the run you can start another 5 miles up stream at the next bridge over Canyon Creek. This section has many +2 rapids, but with the wider creek bed you'll need at least 2 1/2 feet at the Power House Road bridge. Just above the last bridge (on Canyon Creek Road), the creek is gnarly, Class 5, full of wood & almost never run.
It starts out Class 3 with lots of small drops and fun boulder bars.
Near the end of the run on a right hand bend you go into the first solid Class 4 gorge.
Shortly after this, you'll come to the final gorge which is a tight and rated a 4+.

The final drop is fast and tight. You'll want left momentum to avoid a pocket eddy at the bottom.

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