Stoddard and Doe Lakes

Stoddard Lake is one of the largest in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. There are a few ways of getting there. The most common of these starts at the end of a rutted out dirt road. A fairly flat trail contours around to a pass that leads down into Stoddard Meadows. From here a trail goes up a short hill to the lake. There is a old trail that cuts the milage in half but it's steeper and sometimes hard to follow.

Another good way to Stoddard Lake is up the East Fork of Coffee Creek. This trail is far steeper and longer than the main trail but the trail head is more easily assessable. You will get to see the creek most the way flowing through a deep canyon.
Which ever way you take you'll be impressed with the size of this lake. There are lots of nice campsites around the shores of Stoddard Lake. Because this gem is so easy to get to it's very popular especially with the Boy Scouts and other youth groups.

On the other side of the drainage from Stoddard Lake is Doe Lake. The hike up to Doe Lake is quite strenuous and exposed. You'll get some great views of watershed thanks to the old forest fires that have moved through the area in years past.
About half way to the lake you'll come to Doe Flat. From here the trail works its way through the lush forest that was just too green for the fires to burn.
Doe Lake is small but does have a few good campsites. The lake is small enough that you wouldn't want to share it with another group.
Over the ridge from here is Granite Lake. "not the big one" This lake is small and rather unimpressive.

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