The Four Lakes Loop

The Four Lakes Loop is one of the most spectacular and hard to reach places in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. There are many different ways of reaching the Four Lakes Loop but the one of the easiest is probably from Long Canyon trail head. The trail looks deceptively short on a topo map but don't be fooled. This is one of the most demanding trails I've hiked but it's still one of my favorites. The best way to do this long steep hall is in a day hike as there is little if any camping at the lakes. The first one from Siligo Meadows is Deer Lake.
In the late summer you might get to see the rare Wind Flowers on your descent down to the lake.
There are only two camp sites at Deer lake and they are very exposed to wind and sun.
Over the ridge to the west is Summit Lake. As the name would suggest this is the highest of the Four Lakes.
With a small forested area along Summit Lakes north shore this is the only one of the Four Lakes That I would suggest camping at.
My favorite of the Four Lakes is Diamond Lake. This small lake sits near the top of Siligo Peak overlooking the mountains of Stuarts Fork. If your timing is right you'll see the most amazing display of wild flowers in the Trinity Alps.
After this lake you'll walk through more flower filled meadows as you contour around to the next pass.
The next lake the Loop is Luella Lake. A small shallow lake with amazing views of Deer Meadows and the vertical walls of Gibson Peak. Some guide books say there is good camping and fire wood here but that was twenty years ago and isn't true anymore.

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