Upper New River

The upper new river is a gem beyond belief. The vertical walls tower over head while old growth furs cling to the rocky canyon walls. This run is clammed my most to be a +4... but with a class 5 feel.  After walking down to the hand of god, a narly, unportagable rapid near the end of the run I opted to take photo's of this one.  To get to the take out follow the steep mountain road to Denny out of Hawkens Bar. Just before Denny is the Denny Campground ware you will take out. Walking down is a good idea but you should see the wooden rails on the trail down to the river. 

To get to the put in continue driving up the new river until you get to a bridge. There is an old campground on the down stream side that offers easy asses. The river is supposedly runable from all the way up at the virgin/slide creek confluence, I have not ran this section.

JR styles the last drop on Devils Creek accost from the put in
There is a nice class 3 warm up for the first mile or so
The walls tighten and and rapids become larger
Known as Number One and Two these are the fist solid 4+ drops
From here its hard to scout so walking down from the road is a good idea
This long rapid is known as the Hand of God, Be sure to scout the clux move of this rapid from the trail down off the road. This is why I have yet to run this section.
The clux is very undercut and very sentive to flow, notice the cave and the water running under the river left wall. It is also under cut on the right.
This is the last big long rapid. it comes right after the Hand Of God
From Denny to the old Panther Creek Campground is a fun 3-4 run you can see in this video Wes made. The first part is easy 2-3  then the last mile or two are stacked with class 4 rapids I'd compare to the harder parts of coffee creek. They tell me it's great fun in a play boat at higher flows.

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