Pigeon Point Class 3

Pigeon Point is a local blessing. When nothing is running you can always rely on the Trinity River to have some water. The run starts out with a few class 2 rapids and long stretches of flat water through a scenic canyon. About half way down the run you come to the first class 3 rapid, z-drop. 
This is ware I put in for a quick after work run. After another long flat you get to the tidy bolls, class -3. One of these is known as left go right and has a fast left to right fairy above a large bolder. Kayaks can just stay left if desired.

After the Tidy Bools comes the infamous Hell Hole. 
This 3+ drop is the cleanest nasty thing I've ever seen. You can run it down the meat.
Or over the boof rock or around the boof rock. 

But chances are you'll just be doing roll practice. 

If you want to be upright at the bottom then get some left momentum like you're trying to hit the wall at the bottom. The hydraulic that would try to flip you on the other lines will push you off the wall in control... kinda,
The next rapid is slayers bar, class 3. One of the funniest rapids you run through some big waves and laterals and finally off a 3ft drop. I once ran this one upside down, there's a big hard rock at the bottom.

Triple drop or pinball is the next rapid. On the left you have triple drop one 3ft ledge then two smaller rapids. On the right is pinball. Not as fun as the triple drop side but still fun.

The point saves its best for last. Fish Tail class 3 is full of fun lines. The usual line is right on the first drop then a right to left to right to left move at the bottom. This is a great rapid to take you time on, play around catching the hard eddies and you can make fun class 4 moves with no consequences.

Below here you have another long flat followed by two smaller rapids before the take out.

Check out Wes's videos of the PIG 

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